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Looking for free resources of Star Wars Galaxy game? You are at the right place buddy, because here at our site you can generate unlimited Crystals and Credits for free with the help of our exclusive Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack online generator! A completely safe and user-friendly generator that will help you to get unlimited resources you need to play this Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes game.

Have you ever wondered how the other players who’ve just appeared recently in the game instantly earn high levels and resources? That’s because most of them use special software designed to help them throughout the game. But downloading such suspicious software tool can be harmful for your device. With the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack you’ll find the perfect solution for all your worries as this is an online version. No download needed! Raise your stats in the game and get unlimited resources online without harming your device and that too for free!

What you need to Hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes?

Well don’t need much to hack this game. All you need is to cheat Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with this instant Crystals and Credits hack generator. The resources that you need to play this game will be directly uploaded from the official server through our proxy settings and connection so you can safely get what you want and being undiscovered. The resources generated through our tool will be stored in your gaming account so that you can use them afterward. It works great on all Android and iOS devices. After getting the resources, you can use them for anything you wanna do in the game. Like for an example, the Unlimited number of Crystals and Credits can be used to unlock new powerful characters from the dark side and the light side battle.

Things you need to have which will help you to pass through the different levels of battles in the game:

Unlimited Crystals: You need Crystals to purchase Chromium Data Cards and Credit Packs. The game will award you a low amount in a period of time.

Unlimited Credits: Use your credit to train all your characters as the available training droids are insufficient for all the characters and it is needed to complete the training process. Credits can be generated by playing the Galaxy of Heroes.

To achieve these benefits you can use our Galaxy of Heroes Hack! Win Battles and train new characters like never before!

How to use Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack?

It is easy to use and self instructive. It takes a couple of minutes or 3-5 minutes to be exact to hack the Galaxy of Heroes game i.e. 2 minutes in using our crystals and credits generator and another 5 minutes to show these resources into your account.


Here are the Instructions that you can use to generate your required number of resources. Just use these steps exactly as they are and your account will update with the resources.

  1. Enter your username and select the device you use to play this game.
  2. Select the desired amount of resources (Crystals and Credits) you want (Keep the Proxy On).
  3. Click on the generate Button to activate the hack to generate crystals and credits.

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After about 5 minutes, all the generated crystals and credits will be displayed into your gaming account.

Benefits of using our Hack

The following are some benefits that you’ll get after using this cheat tool:

Unlimited Resources: Instantly get Unlimited Credits and Crystals in the Star War: Galaxy of Heroes game.
Train characters: There is no limitation on the training you give to the characters using credits as you can always come again for more every once a day.
Quick Process: Instant Upload to your account.
100% Safe: This generator is certified by Norton Security Deluxe and 100% safe from unwanted virus and spyware.
Compatibility: It works on all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and more.
No Verification: We don’t need any personal information of yours, Only username is required.
Undetectable: Our generator is completely undetectable from the official game servers.
Web-based: Its a completely online cheat tool.No need to download any software or application.
Free: Yup! You dont have to pay anything to use our Generator. feel free to share with friends and family.
Updated: It automatically have regular update server and proxy connection every month.

With the boundless crystals, you can save bucks from your wallet. You don’t have to use real world currency to get the crystals. After all, when you have unlimited resources, it becomes easy to have battles using different powerful characters.

Who can use this Hack?

ANYONE! Yes anyone can use our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats generator for him/her self. Anyone who wants to dominate the battle in the game can use our generator. It is 100% free to use and you can use it for yourself and for your friends and family. You don’t have to be an expert to use this hack of  Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Game. Because our team is here to help you, We have provided you all the Instructions you need to take to use this Generator (The Instructions are given above this paragraph).

This hack tool will multiply your gaming experience by allowing you to generate unlimited resources (Credits and Crystals) into your account.  All you need to do is to enter the username of the game and choose your device. After entering those details, you need to select the total no. of credits and crystals you need in the game. And that’s it! Now you just have to wait for a couple of minutes to see the resources sweep into your account.

Gamers can purchase numerous data card and credit packs but these might not ascend up swiftly. This hack enables you to have an infinite no. of resources for free.  Finally, you’ll have the required amount of necessary resources needed by you to play this game more efficiently.

No Download Needed!

As I have already mentioned above that you don’t need to download any software or app to use our Star War: Galaxy of Heroes Hack, it doesn’t require any download as you can have access to this hack online. Just select the amount of Credit and Crystals you wish to have and provide the nickname from the game and that’s all it takes to slide the required amount of resources into your account.

It is a 100% safe to use as well as free for every Android or iOS phones. No such suspicious file or program is present that can harm your device i.e. there are no spyware or malware pitfall as everything you see here is very well tested and developed by our professionals.

100% Undetectable!

Yup, our tool is undoubtedly safe. I would like to mention here that our online app has certified 3 times for its security and user privacy feature, which includes the premium Norton secure server certificate that you can find at the sidebar of this page. It is a proof of the legitimacy of our site as well as our generator. We give you 100% guaranty that when you use our hack, you will not be detected on the official server of this game. As we also have the complete record of all the players who’ve used this site to hack this game are still playing i.e. they aren’t blocked. The main objective of this hack is to help you get Credits and Crystals needed in the game. The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Hack and cheat generator is 100% effective and it does work. You can try it yourself!

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About the Game

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is the ultimate smash-up game which was released by EA and developed by Capital Games. In this game, the player has to create a team of light and dark side characters to compete against the opponents in an earth-shaking battle.  Available on both iOS and Android devices, It’s the only game where film based characters Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn and a Jawa combine forces to defeat Stormtroopers; additionally you are also free to join with Darth Vader.

Battles are very short and also provide near instant fulfillment, you’ll just need to master the basic strategies to keep these villains and heroes alive. Unlock new powerful characters, get more virtual currency and level up stats in the game.

Some things you may notice in the unforgettable battles in the arena:

  • Status Effect: While in the battle you may see red or green square-shaped icon’s above a character’s head. This means the hero or villain currently has a Status Effect. Green means the effect will benefit the team, while red has the negative impact on the team.
  • Training: It’s important to train your characters for battle and to do so you also need credits to complete the training process.
  • Ally Points: Use your Ally Points to purchase Bronzium Data Cards, which includes a new character, a part of gear, character shards and other items. Data Cards are chosen by the game at random and you can also see the list of characters you get.
  • Equip Gear: Even though leveling up may make your characters more strong in the battlefield, but you also need to equip gear slots to gain at every point.
  • Crystals: Very important to have a no. of crystals as it is need in the purchase of chromium data card and credit packs.